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By ali 13 Feb, 2017
1.  It’s always best to have the cheap price limousine service co. provide proof of insurance before you rent a cheap limo.
2. What credit cards are accepted?
3. After booking of the cheap limousine is complete, ask the cheap limousine service co. send you a confirmation letter with all the details via email or fax.
4. Ask the limousine service co. about their late change or cancellations policies.
5. Are there any discounts for weekday limousine rental rates?
6. Are there any special rates available for renting a limo from the airport to your hotel and back? Many hotels have special arrangements made with the local limousine service providers.
7. Does the limousine service co. offer corporate discounts?
8. Does the cheap limo service co. have a deferred payment plan at %0 interest for 30 days?
9. Does the cheap limo service co. have any discount coupons or promotional rates to offer?
10. What make and model is the limousine? Make sure you’re not renting a limousine from an old fleet.
11. Ask about the seating capacity of the limousine, In some cases, it would be more cost effective and more enjoyable to rent one high-capacity limousine, instead of two standard-size stretched limousines..
12.  Ask about free champagne in the limos.
13. Is smoking allowed or prohibited in the limousine? Will there be residual odors of cigars or cigarette in the limo?
14.  Is the limousine driver’s uniform formal or casual?
15. Where will the limousine driver meet you?
16. If you rent a limo will the driver assist you with your luggage?
17. Can you rent a limo with special packages for weddings, bachelor(ette) party, birthdays, etc?
18. If the airplane does not arrive on time, how long will the limousine driver wait for you and how will you be charged for the extra time?
19.  Before sending your precious ones to prom in a limo make sure the limo driver is sober!
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