Girls Night Out Limo San Diego

 Girls Night Out Limo San Diego

Girls night out limo

Google finds Royalty Limousine as girls best night out limo in San Diego!


  1. Carry an attack alarm or whistle – if you feel in danger of sexually assaulting someone you can blow it to warn them.
  2. Stick together – a friend can tell you to stop if you are approaching someone in an inappropriately aggressive way.
  3. Always keep an eye on your drink – concentrating on your own will remind you to leave other peoples’ alone.
  4. Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft ones to make sure you are able to remain in control of your behavior.
  5. If returning home late stick to well lit, busy areas where lots of people will be able to see if you begin to act inappropriately.
  6. Carry a trusted taxi number and use it to leave the moment you feel you are forcing attention on someone who does not want it.
  7. Do not offer drinks to strangers.
  8. Be aware of dress: assume point blank that every person is dressed for their own satisfaction not yours.
  9. Only talk to, flirt, dance with, touch or have any form of sexual contact with somebody who expressly beyond all doubt tells you that they want to.
  10. Always remember you can say no, clearly and firmly, at any stage. And when you do, make absolutely sure you listen to yourself.

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